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National Veterans Coalition
(an outreach of the Constitution Party)

Recruiting Drive....

Veterans, Military Personnel (active, Guard, Reserve),
family members, friends, neighbors, social contacts,

Putting America first at the ballot box

(NVC members are automatically dual-enrolled
into the Constitution Party,
and at a substantial discount.
Thank you for your service to our country.)

Stepping out together to
defend the US Constitution.

(Against all enemies ...
foreign AND DOMESTIC!)

Leaders, candidates, and elected officials
from both of the Big Two political parties
have proven themselves unable or unwilling to
adhere to their oaths of allegiance to the US Constitution.

Our country cannot make meaningful corrections to major national problems until we elect public servants who place their allegiance to the Constitution higher than to party politics or self. The Constitution Party is the third-largest political party in America; yet, the "mainstream" news media routinely ignores us. Stand up; speak out! Help elect a President and a Congress who understand the Constitution and the will of the people.